M+_Guangzhou Tianpu Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd.


Guangzhou Tianpu Electric Equipment Co., Ltd. is a famous enterprise in the audio industry. Founded in 2005, it integrates R&D, manufacturing and marketing. It has been adhering to the philosophy of “Dedicating good voices to users and creating value for music” for many years. Manufacturing high quality and good products, providing users with high quality and good service.

The company has been focusing on the research and application of electro-acoustic and audio technology, which has always been at the forefront of the industry, leading the development of the professional "commercialization" of the audio industry. The M+ brand is the independent brand of Guangzhou Tianpu Electric Co., Ltd. The essence of technology and design, the M+ brand was officially launched in 2015. Through the “One Belt, One Road” brand development strategy, it has covered many countries including Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand, Indonesia, the Philippines and Malaysia. M+ brand covers audio speaker, (digital) power amplifier, audio decoding, sound processing, microphone sound reinforcement and other product series, for the professional, home shadow, outdoor three major audio market stable layout development. Perfect sound, high-quality products, continuous high-quality products and excellent service, providing users with a variety of demand choices, satisfying the entertainment of various scenes, giving you an extraordinary experience that you have never had before. Feel countless unexpected surprises from your music and movies.

From beautiful vocal music to shocking film and television experience, it brings you all the different details, different relaxation, different stimulation, and different indulgence.

In 2015, the M+ brand launched the M+ Yin Yue Plus program, bringing joy to 6 billion people! The plan is a major development strategy of Tianpu's own brand. Based on the mission of “creating value for music”, the company provides domestic and foreign people with full enjoyment of beautiful music and experience by providing high-quality, high-level cultural equipment audio products. The charm of M+ China creation.

While focusing on building the domestic market, the company responded to the national “One Belt, One Road” cultural development strategy with practical actions, practiced the purpose of “Chinese culture going global”, promoted products, exchanges and business cooperation, and promoted M+ audio products to Southeast Asian countries. , the Chinese cultural equipment brand will be passed to the national area of the Belt and Road.

Tianpu will actively go out with the hardware strength of audio culture equipment, effectively spread the Chinese music culture and expand the influence of Chinese brands in the international arena. We will adhere to the mission of “creating value for music”, adhere to the business philosophy of “customer-oriented, satisfying users' cost-effective products”, and constantly explore and actively cultivate and become the leader in the international audio field!