Profile_Guangzhou Tianpu Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd.


Guangzhou Tianpu Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd. is a well-known enterprise in the audio industry. It integrates R&D, manufacturing and marketing. For many years, it has adhered to the concept of "contributing good voice to users and creating new value for music". It is committed to manufacturing high-quality products for the market and providing high-quality service for users.

Driven by R&D and innovative design, aiming at catching up with and surpassing world-class brand audio, the company perseveres in creating national audio brand and national brand. It won the Red dot design award in 2016 and the Chinese design industry Oscar "Red Star Award for Innovative Design in China" in 2017.

The company has been focusing on the research and application of electro-acoustic and audio technology, so that the company has always been at the forefront of the industry, leading the development of the audio industry "professional civilian". It has three major brands, M+, Baide and Wanlida, covering audio box, digital amplifier, audio decoding, sound effect processing, microphone amplifier and other product categories, facing the three major audio markets of specialty, home shadow and outdoor. Continuously provide high-quality products and services, with a large number of domestic and foreign users, with considerable strength and scale.

In recent years, the company has actively explored the application of "Internet +" and "made in China 2025" in product design, manufacturing, business and service links, and upgraded the production line workshop with capacity of 3 million units, integrating new technologies such as digitalization, intellectualization and Internet of things. It will link the supply chain with the value chain, closely integrate user experience and diversified services, and actively build one. Intelligent Ecological Platform for Sky Spectrum Audio Industry.

Since 2015, the company has grown at a rapid rate of 30% annually. In 2017, the company achieved sales of 600 million yuan, of which exports accounted for nearly 50%. Domestic channels are very sound, covering more than 6,000 terminal stores in 31 provinces (municipalities directly under the Central Government), and international channels are expanding continuously. Starting from Southeast Asia, they have rapidly expanded to Europe, America and other countries.

The company has been actively participating in social public welfare activities and industrial organization activities, attaching great importance to social responsibility and honor; it is a member unit of Guangdong Performance Industry Association, vice-president unit of Guangzhou Electronics and Audio Industry Association, "Guangzhou-level R&D institutions", "Guangzhou Science and Technology Giant" enterprises, Guangzhou High-tech enterprises, "quality-oriented, integrity-based enterprises". In 2017, the company's Baide brand became the only designated audio product in the "Thirteenth National Games" Square Dance Competition, making an important contribution to the national large-scale collective activities and the spread of mass entertainment culture.

In 2010, the company passed the certification of IOS9001 and ISO14000 system, and has obtained more than 40 patents. It has been a well-known international brand cooperator such as Philips, JBL, Wanlida, and also an OEM and ODM partner of well-known foreign enterprises.

The company has a technical research and development team of more than 30 engineers, with 80% bachelor degree or above, rich industry experience and strong R&D capabilities. At the same time, the company has established a product technology evaluation team composed of senior engineers and experts and professors, including technical experts, product experts, industry renowned personages, etc., which is customer-oriented and firmly grasps new market technologies. New trends.

In strict accordance with the management model of modern enterprises, the company has established a sound management system, adhered to the cultural concept of people-oriented and respecting talents, built a comprehensive corporate culture, and set up Tianpu Employee Care Fund.

Mr. Wu Xianzhong, the founder and chairman of the company, has been pursuing the Chinese audio dream for many years, and has been diligently exploring the Chinese voice and pursuing the national audio brand. He firmly believes in the concept of customer first, attaches importance to quality and trustworthiness, breaks through the industry dilemma with the courage of overcoming difficulties, and finds an internationalized development road suitable for his own brand. He enjoys a high reputation and influence in the audio industry.

Tianpu will always only do "first-class products, first-class services", take the long-term achievements of the national audio brand as its responsibility, "create value for music, take responsibility for society, and strive for the dream".